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Relieve Pain Naturally

Over a decade’s worth of satisfied customers who have found relief from pain and discomfort from using a magnetic underlay or magnetic mattress pad.

What We Stand For: Our Commitment to Alternative Natural Pain Relief

At Natura Magnetic, magnetic underlays and magnetic mattress pads are what we specialize in, but the incredible healing power of magnetic therapy is our passion. In a world where alternative medicine is drowned out by companies with huge advertising budgets, we are proud to do our part to promote natural pain relief.
We believe that many of our ailments can be safely and effectively improved naturally without reaching for a quick fix from a bottle or packet.

A Personal Story

In June of 2004 I was searching for new products for my bedding business when a friend of mine introduced me to a magnetic underlay. At the time I was suffering from aches and pains and just found it so difficult to get up in the mornings. In the first few weeks I didn’t notice any major improvement. It was by the 3rd week that I was feeling less achy than usual in the morning and thought to myself that this thing might actually be working.
By the end of the 5th week I was feeling more rested and pain free than I had in months. From that time I promised I would share the health giving benefits and freedom that I have experienced from using a magnetic underlay, then the search began…..


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