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Dreamweaver Magnetic Pillow Pad

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The quilted magnetic pillow pad can help relieve aches and pains using magnetic therapy. To be used together with magnetic underlay providing 100% magnetic therapy coverage to your whole body. They simply slip between your pillow case and pillow

Alternatively use in the car between your car seat cover or inside your pets basket for ageing cats or dogs




Dimensions: 55cm x 48cm

Six 1000 Gauss magnets stitched into padded pockets: Provides maximum comfort while sleeping

Filled with 100% polyester fibre: Fibre fill provides extra padded comfort

2 year guarantee: Security of knowing your purchase comes with a full guarantee against defects and faulty workmanship for a total of 2 years

As a standard precaution expecting mothers and people with pacemakers, insulin pumps or similar should consult their doctor before using magnetic products. 
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