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All Seasons Dreamweaver Magnetic Underlay DOUBLE

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Product is reversible, one side is pure NZ wool for cosy wool warmth in winter and the reverse is cotton making it cool in summer. The strong elastic corner straps hold the underlay tight to the bed and with your existing electric blanket you’ll experience the best nights sleep ever.



Dimensions: 137 x 188 cm

Number of Magnets: 120 Genuine Ceramic / Strength 1000 Gauss

Reversible: Warm wool warmth in winter or cool cotton in summer

1000 Gauss Genuine Ceramic Magnets: Stronger magnets for faster relief

360gsm of 100% Pure New Zealand Wool: Natural, long lasting and renewable resource

3 year guarantee: Security of knowing your purchase comes with a full guarantee against defects and faulty workmanship for a total of 3 years

As a standard precaution expecting mothers and people with pacemakers, insulin pumps or similar should consult their doctor before using magnetic products.
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